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Helpful safety tips for new homeowners in Rockford

September 18, 2023
New homeowner getting keys to the house

If you recently acquired your first home or you’re nearing the date of closing, congratulations! It’s a thrilling time for you and yours. You might be considering how you should personalize your property with furnishings, paint, and decor. But, before you go all-in on redecorating, make certain you give thought to home security as well. Keeping the ones you care about safeguarded should always be a foremost priority, and we’ll help you do so with the following safety tips for new homeowners in Rockford.

Conduct a safety check of your new Rockford property

Now that you’re contemplating safety, discover what your new home already has. First, make certain you have functioning fire alarms. Try every one and replace batteries if required. Are carbon monoxide detectors in the house? Is there a water sensor in your basement? This is also a smart time to update door locks and inspect all locking mechanisms on windows. Go room-by-room and get to know your new house.

Smart security tips for your Rockford home

Once you’ve completed your preliminary check of locks and safety alarms, you may think about enhancing your protection. Begin with these security tips for your home in Rockford.

  • Opt for a modern home security system. One of the top things a new homeowner in Rockford can do is install a home security system. The latest in wireless technology lets you keep a close watch on your home even when you’re not there. You are able to view live video footage, control locking systems, and even communicate with guests on your front porch directly from your mobile device. You can customize with worthwhile security measures like surveillance cameras and monitored fire alarms.
  • Update exterior lighting. Outside lights with motion detection are an effective solution in dissuading prospective invaders. You may even use them in conjunction with surveillance cameras. When a motion sensor is tripped, it can signal your outdoor camera to begin recording.
  • Maintain your yard. Do you have a clear sightline of your property from the interior? Are there large bushes and trees impeeding your view? Get rid of possible spots to hide by keeping your yard well maintained. Your neighbors will be appreciative of it too.
  • Get to know people on your street. Speaking of your neighbors, get to know them. If you are friends with people close to you, there’s a greater probability they’ll let you know if they detect suspicious behavior. You might also connect to your community’s social media presence if one is established.
  • Utilize home automation. If you go with a modern smart home, you can make it look like you’re on site by activating smart light bulbs at programmed times. This is a fantastic tool when you’re away.

Defend your new home with a Vivint security system in Rockford

Elevate the safety of your new house with a Vivint security system in Rockford. You’ll benefit from modern tools, like monitored safety alarms, smart locking systems, doorbell video cameras, automation, and more. You’ll enjoy access and control from anywhere by simply utilizing your mobile device. Reach out to Vivint today at (815) 362-1830 to personalize your system.